9. Determine and develop Social Media Marketing Platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

10. Determine and submit book to selling platforms - Print and eBook

 (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Apple iBooks, Google, Kobo, etc.)

 8. Utilize a book designer

 - ISBN numbers

 - Copyrights

 - Library of Congress

For Indie  or Self Publishing:

 7.  Utilize an illustrator for front and back cover

1. Review manuscript goals

Madmac Press 10 steps to get published!

Cindy C. Murray works with you to complete every step

 3. Rewrite manuscript as needed

      2. Review manuscript 

 4. Utilize an Editor for manuscript

For traditional publishing:

 5.  Develop submission letter and synopsis

 6.  Submit to agents and publishers who accept unsolicited submissions